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Awakened® Walnuts are raw Organic walnuts that are soaked overnight in pure salt water, initiating germination, and helping reduce enzyme inhibitors (phytic acid) that make all nuts hard to digest.

Soaked walnuts are also referred to as sprouted, but since the tiny sprouts are unseen, we use the term Awakened®. After soaking, we dehydrate the nuts at low temperatures until they reach crunchy perfection. 

These walnuts were selected as a Good Food Award Finalist in 2022, see more about the awards.

Enjoy our Organic Awakened® Walnuts whenever you want a delicious, nutritious snack abounding with all the virtues of a good nut. Nutrients include iron, selenium, calcium, zinc, vitamin E, and some B vitamins.

Made here in our very own dehydrators, Awakened® Walnuts are available only through Hummingbird Wholesale.

  • Origin: Oregon
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Store in the refrigerator for longer shelf life
  • Shelf life: Best if used within 6 months of Julian date
  • Ingredients: Organic Sprouted Walnuts, Himalayan Salt
  • Allergens: Walnuts