Who qualifies?

Wholesale customers must be certified businesses, purchasing food to be sold, manufactured, or used by the business.

Our wholesale customers include

  • Grocery stores & food co-ops

    Quality organic products for bulk bins and for shelf stocking.

    How we help you

    • Quality, organic products

    • Sourced with integrity

    • Bulk bin products

    • Fun, innovative shelf products

    • Many products available in both bulk quantities and pre-packaged for shelf stock.

    • Dependable shipments

    • Helpful, friendly customer service

  • Restaurants & food service

    Constistent quality ingredients that you can count on.

    How we help you

    • Quality, organic ingredients

    • Sourced with integrity

    • Product consistency

    • Dependable shipments

    • Helpful, friendly customer service

  • Food product manufacturers

    Reliable, quality ingredients, services and even grower contracting.

    How we help you

    • Quality, organic ingredients

    • Sourced with integrity

    • Product Consistancy

    • Nutrient dense

    • Transparent identity preservation & origin labeling

    • Flexible quantities, from cases to truck loads

    • Farm-based sourcing plans

    • Dependable shipments

    • Helpful, friendly customer service

    • Custom dehydrating

    • Custom roasting

    • Custom sprouting

    • If you don’t see the product you are looking for, we might be able to contract with a quality grower to get what you need

How to get started with a
wholesale account

We offer high quality products at competitive pricing, whether you need a few cases or a truck-load.

Minimum order requirements depend on your location and delivery method.
Inquiries are responded to within two business days.
Proof of business license required.

(If you are not a business, we do offer our products to Buying Clubs, and individuals through Curbside Service.

Delivery Options

  • Direct Delivery

    Our low-emissions fleet makes weekly deliveries to Oregon, Washington and California customers along the I-5 corridor, roughly from Bellingham, WA, to San Francisco, CA.

  • Third-Party Shipping

    Outside our direct delivery regions, we work with many trusted third-party freight carriers, and can also ship UPS to anywhere in the continental United States. (Product and quantity limitations may apply.)

Have questions about setting up an account?
We’re happy to help.