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Hummingbird Specialty - Farm Direct Products

June 02, 2021

Hummingbird Specialty - Farm Direct Products

What do we mean when we say Hummingbird Specialty - Farm Direct Products?

These are products created by our Production Team, products made for us by our processing partners using our recipes and/or the US-grown products we purchase directly from Farmers.

We source the finest ingredients, often from Pacific Northwest Farmers, grown organically and sustainably. We then create the recipes, through small batch trials and taste testing by (some very picky) Hummingbird coworkers. We then prepare our recipes here in Eugene or with our local production partners. These products include a vast variety, from our Awakened® Nuts, Seeds and Grains to Specialty Oils, Nut & Seed Butters, and Chocolate Covered confections. These products are sought after for their taste, freshness, quality, consistency, and award-winning selections.

Why Farm Direct?

We LOVE farmers! They are probably some of the hardest working people you will ever meet—farmers make the world of food go round. Hummingbird works closely with farmers in our region and around the world to bring you the highest quality organic and sustainably grown products on the market. We call what we do, Distributor Supported Agriculture (DSA), pioneering a more sustainable and equitable food system model. To us, DSA means supporting farmers through working together to plan crop plantings, contracting planted acreage for more economic reliability, and by providing infrastructure for marketing and distribution—developing clear pathways to success for Organic farmers and their products—so we can bring them to you.

While we think all the products we offer are high integrity and pretty amazing, we want you to know what is truly unique in our line-up. So, you might ask, How do I know which products are Hummingbird Specialty - Farm Direct?

We recently added a new column to our pricelists and a new icon to our website product pages, so you can more easily find all the unique Hummingbird products you and your customers love. This icon stands for integrity.

Check out the icon in the photo (above) of our team sprouting and dehydrating our Good Food Award-winning Awakened® Pecans! We know you care about where your food comes from, how it is grown, and how it gets to your table. And, that inspires us! So, look for this icon and know these products represent the best we offer.

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