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Farm Connections®

We take great care and pride in creating long-term, beneficial relationships with our farmers, customers, coworkers, processors, suppliers, retailers and communities—in a word, with YOU!

We serve people and the planet by providing high quality, nutrient dense ingredients and food products. Working closely with farmers, businesses and nonprofit organizations to promote sustainable agriculture, we grow regional food system solutions, and strengthen the organic community. At Hummingbird, we think food should be clean and healthy, and that farming can be an act of environmental and social stewardship—improving the soil and enriching rural communities. We are committed to being a positive force for change in the organic food industry. Every relationship matters.

Meet Your Farmers

We LOVE farmers! Probably some of the hardest working people you will ever meet, farmers make the world of food go round. Hummingbird works closely with farmers in our region and around the world to bring you the highest quality organic and sustainably grown products on the market, because we know you care about where your food comes from, how it is grown and how it gets to your table. We call what we do, Distributor Supported Agriculture (DSA), pioneering a more sustainable and equitable food system model. To us, DSA means supporting farmers through working together to plan crop plantings, contracting planted acreage for more economic reliability and by providing infrastructure for marketing and distribution—developing clear pathways to success for Organic farmers and their products—so we can bring them to you.



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Eating SEASONALLY for health and well-being