Good Food Award Winner - Awakened Pecans

Good Food Award Winner - Awakened Pecans

Our Hummingbird exclusive Organic Awakened® Pecans were chosen as a 2021 Award Winner. Our hard work and keen attention to detail make these Pecans special. "We are so thrilled to be recognized and appreciated for these hand crafted pecans," responded Charlie, representing the whole crew at Hummingbird. "These pecans highlight the opportunity to enjoy a healthy snack while supporting family farms and tasting the fantastic flavors of the verdant earth!"

Soaked nuts and seeds are referred to as sprouted, but since the tiny sprout is unseen, we use the term Awakened®. Our pecans are soaked overnight in pure water to initiate germination—reducing enzyme inhibitors that make all nuts hard to digest, then we rinse them in a mild salt bath, using Himalayan Pink Salt. In the final step, we dehydrate at low temperatures until they reach crunchy perfection.

The 2021 Winners in 17 categories come from 41 states, Washington, D.C. and Guam, rising to the top among 1,928 entries in a September Blind Tasting. Of the 219 Winners selected from 336 Finalists, 55% are first-time Winners, 51% are female-owned and 10% are BIPOC-owned. The greatest number of Winners come from the Golden State (44), followed by Oregon (25), Washington (17), Colorado (15), New York (14) and Vermont (13).

The nation’s leading food crafters, grocers, chefs, journalists and activists gathered Friday evening via live stream for an Awards Ceremony to honor the 219 Good Food Awards Winners of 2021. Taking advantage of the virtual format, the event showcased photos and film taken at the farms, breweries, curing rooms, distilleries and kitchens of the Winners, as well as congratulatory videos from food luminaries including Dan Barber, Howard McGee, Dr. Jessica B. Harris, Alice Waters, Dana Cowin, Bryant Terry, Nell Newman and Amanda Hesser.

“By fermenting, curing, and crafting truly nourishing food, you create healthy communities better able to face both once in a century pathogens and the strains of everyday life,” said Good Food Awards Founder Sarah Weiner, addressing the Winners. “It wouldn’t be long until good food becomes mainstream. Until then, you are the blueprint for this change.”

The full list of 2021 Good Food Award Winners can be found here.

Organizers & Supporters: The Good Food Awards are organized by the Good Food Foundation 501(c)3. The Presenting Sponsor is the Good Food Merchants Collaborative, comprised of 20 of the country’s top independently owned retailers from Ann Arbor to Oakland to Sioux Falls, all of whom are committed to supporting America’s great food crafters. Joining them is a vibrant group of key supporters, including Veritable Vegetable, Bi-Rite Family of Businesses, Dominic Phillips Event Marketing, Clarkson Potter and Ten Speed Press.

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