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Sku: CO131

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Our Organic Balsamic Vinegar comes from the Modena region of Italy and is made from Organic Ancellotta, Lambrusco, and Trebbiano grapes. Certified Organic, this 60 grain (6% acidity) vinegar has been aged 6 years, is highly aromatic and has a high balance of being sweet, while remaining tart.

Suggestions for use: salad dressings, marinating pork or beef, finishing soups, reduced to a syrup and drizzled over ice cream

  • Origin: Modena, Italy
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dark place
  • Shelf life: Best used within 3 years of production date
  • Ingredients: Organic Wine Vinegar, Organic Concentrated Grape Must. Contains Natural Occurring Sulfites
  • Allergens: None