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Dried Mango



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Grown in Mexico, our Organic Mango fillets & strips are organically farmed and naturally irrigated from a nearby river. Since 1979, our supplier has developed small-scale technologies that respect the earth and broaden market options for farmers in rural areas.

Our dried mangos are hand-cut, clean dehydrated Hayden, Kent, Keitt, or Irwin varieties, and nothing is added. The drying process ensures the mango flesh stays at 95°F or below, preserving the fruit's natural enzymes and vitamins.

A word from our vendor:
We work with growers to provide education and resources that lead to the organic certification of their crops. Our processing plants reflect our high standards for sustainable communities, fairness in business, and superlative quality for our fruits.



Storage Info

Store in the refrigerator

Shelf Life

1 year of Julian date


Organic Dried Mango




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