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Our 24% Organic Coconut Cream comes from coconut palm tree farms that use sustainable and organic agricultural methods, including intercropping to protect soil fertility and providing economic development and social service programs in the communities where the farms are located.

24% Organic Coconut Cream is ultra high temperature (UHT) processed and aseptically packed, to retain quality and freshness. Coconut cream of homogenous creamy/white color. Just as you would expect with high quality coconut cream, this is smooth, pourable, viscous liquid with no off flavor or aroma.

Organic Coconut cream is perfect for use in cooking and baking, vegan product manufacturing, and making beverages.

  • Origin: Philippines
  • Storage: Best used within 18 months, in sealed conditions, when stored at 68-86°F (20-30°C). Once open, it is recommended to use product all at once. If not used at once, store refrigerated at 32-41°F (0-5°C) and use within three days.
  • Shelf life: 18 months unopened
  • Ingredients: Organic coconut kernel extract, water
  • Allergens: Tree nuts