With Gratitude

With Gratitude

In any "normal" year, Thanksgiving is a busy food holiday. Everyone who works in the food industry knows it gets hectic, as trucks are filled, production orders are increased, retail racks are piled high, friends and family gather to share in a harvest celebration. These past two years, it seems safe to say things have been everything but normal! We have all learned to be more flexible, creative, and maybe most of all, more kind.
We want to thank YOU, our supply chain partners—farmers, vendors, customers, coworkers, and community—for the incredible efforts being made to keep our food system humming! We are so grateful for your continued loyalty and support.

We can expect to see continued supply chain challenges on some items in the near future due to shipping delays, increased demand, and supply shortages. However, our Farm Connections and Sourcing Team have built strong relationships with farmers and suppliers, and they are focused on keeping products in stock while finding backup supplies that meet our organic and ethical sourcing standards. All of our Hummingbird team members show up every day, committed to minimizing the impacts of supply-chain challenges to our customers, while providing exceptional, reliable service. When we foresee challenges, our goal is to communicate these as far in advance as possible. Our website is up-to-date on what we have in stock. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service Team at info@hummingbirdwholesale.com or call 541-686-0921.

Recently, many items that have been out of stock have Returned to Stock!
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