Organic: Good for Business

Organic: Good for Business

People really do care about where their food comes from. They want to know that brands and retailers have carefully considered their purpose, values and societal impacts as it relates to the products they sell. A majority of consumers report that the Organic seal is the label that best embodies their values: health, ethics, sustainability, and food quality & nutrition.

Federally Guaranteed

Unlike other labels such as “natural” or “regenerative” that are not based on verifiable standards, the USDA Organic label is backed by 3rd party inspection, federally enforced, and provides traceability from the farm to the consumer. This gives consumers confidence that their food is better for people and animals and better for the planet. When consumers can trust the label on the products we sell, that is good for business.

Organic Shoppers by the Numbers

  • Organic shoppers are 15% more likely to have children in their household
  • 71% of parents eat organic produce
  • 65% choose organic packaged foods
  • 62% buy and drink organic milk
  • 45% of the organic customer base are under 40, despite only being 36% of the general population.

Food Forward consumers, those most likely to share their feelings and knowledge about food with others and take action on food-related issues, overwhelmingly expressed trust in and a preference for organic products.

Certified organic operations are inspected at least once a year and must submit organic system plans annually to their certifier for review and approval. All field operations are inspected at least once every year. Organic fraud is a crime. Cheating in organic can mean losing certification and facing significant potential financial penalties.

We fully embrace Organic certification and the value of the Organic seal on products. Having confidence that your food is grown in accordance with strict standards is very important when it comes to health and wellness as well as stewardship of the environment. Hummingbird has been Certified Organic since 2010.

At Hummingbird, we are on a mission to offer Organic, high-quality, nutritious foods grown as locally and sustainably as possible. We believe in the value of Certified Organic agriculture and food for the health of people and animals, the health of our communities and economies, and the health of the planet. That is why we are sharing this multi-part series blog on the value of Organic. 

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The stats are from the Organic Trade Association's Organic Opportunity Communications Toolkit.

PHOTO TOP: Alberta Cooperative Grocery is located northeast of downtown Portland. This is a great example of a dynamic Organic bulk foods department.

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