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Product Highlights

Hummingbird is a (family-owned, Eugene, Oregon based) bulk food and ingredient wholesale distributor and manufacturer specializing in sourcing farm-direct Organic and Pacific Northwest-grown products, such as grains, beans, seeds, nuts, dried fruits and more. Hummingbird’s goal is to serve people and the planet by providing high quality, Organic foods to transform human health and the health of the environment.


The majority of pumpkin seeds sold in stores around the United States are grown in China. Hummingbird Wholesale owners Julie and Charlie Tilt wanted to bring pumpkin seed production home to the Willamette Valley. Hummingbird began pumpkin seed trials in 2003 and in 2009, Julie and Charlie traveled to Styria, Austria to research cultivation of Gleisdorfer pumpkinsa hulless variety grown in that region. The first few years of Oregon production were challenging. Crop failure and low yields were common as we worked with local growers and processors to understand the best growing practices. After years of testing, our farmers have learned to grow, harvest and clean more than enough seeds to meet the needs of our regional customers. We are so proud to offer this Organic, raw, Oregon-grown seed!


There has been an increased passion from consumers to know about the food they eat and where it comes from. This is exactly how we feel, so we source a lot of our products from farmers in our region. We are big advocates of traceability, and source most of our legumes from family farms in the Pacific Northwest. Supporting food production that is grown and distributed regionally strengthens regional, sustainable farms. We invest in products that have been selected or bred for our region, as well as agricultural efficiencies such as our Organic Heirloom Kenearly Yellow Eye Beans that mature uniformly, creating an easier harvest.


Hummingbird began as a specialty honey shop in 1972, Honey Heaven. You could say that honey is at the heart of our business! We offer honeys that are truly 100% pure, raw, and unfiltered. Sourced from apiaries that are committed to sustainable practices, preserving the health of the bees and the land they steward, we take care to preserve and share the origin and identity of the honeys we bring to you. We focus on specialty, Pacific Northwest honey, produced by small family owned apiaries, offering specific varietals—from Meadowfoam to Pumpkin, Buckwheat and Orange Blossom—and provide year-round, staple varieties, such as Wildflower, Spring Nectar, Blackberry and Clover, for barrel and bulk sales. We are excited to also offer an exclusive Hawaiian Certified Organic honey!


Oregon offers the perfect climate and soil for growing these delectable nuts that are well-known by chefs and product manufacturers, as well as lovers of good food. While 99% of the US hazelnut crop is grown in Oregon, only 1% of that is Certified Organic—of roughly 70,000 total acres in Oregon, just over 700 are Certified Organic. Organic production builds healthier soils and provides positive impacts on the environment, such as greater carbon sequestration, helping to mitigate climate change. We work exclusively with the 1% of Oregon hazelnut growers who are growing Organically Certified Hazelnuts—hazelnuts that are without the use of fungicides or herbicides commonly used in conventional hazelnut growing. We are proud to offer our customers a variety of different value-added products made with our Oregon Organic Hazelnuts!


We are excited to offer our snack bag line featuring high quality, organic or transitionally grown productspacked into the perfect size snack-bag that looks great on clip strips, pegboards, shelves and in baskets. Our bags are also a great size for you to get a little crazy and try something new. With a large portion of the products grown in this region, you can indulge your cravings while doing something good for yourself and the larger community.


Our Awakened® ingredients are seeds, nuts and/or grains that are soaked overnight in water, initiating germination and helping reduce enzyme inhibitors that make seeds and grains hard to digest. This process is often referred to as sprouting. After sprouting, our products are dehydrated at tempurature below 150°F so are still considered raw by industry standards. Awakened® products are available exclustively at Hummingbird—we make them right here in Eugene in small batches to ensure freshness. We offer a variety of products for you to start your morning with or fuel your daily adventure!


We are very excited to share our high quality, chocolate-covered treats. What makes these Hummingbird products unique? These premium candies are made using Organic, 70% Dark, Fair Trade Certified chocolate. This chocolate is smooth and contains no added emulsifiers. Our Organic Almonds and Hazelnuts are grown by family farms in California and Oregon. We work directly with a processor who lightly roasts the nuts for us in small batches to ensure freshness. Our premium crystalized cubes of Organic Ginger is made using a slow "cold candying" technique that brings out the best properties. Our superfood Goldenberries are dried at temperatures below 117° F and bring a complementary tart flavor to the sweet chocolate. These chocolates are a great treat for someone you love, including yourself!


Streaker barley is a special barley variety—the first to be released by the Oregon State University Barley Project. It is resistant to stripe rust, a cereal disease endemic to the Pacific Northwest. The name “Streaker” was chosen because it describes the naked (hull-less) characteristics of the variety. This means that it does not need to have the hulls mechanically removed like most barley, as the hulls fall off in the combine during harvest. Our Organic Streaker Barley Flakes are high in soluble fiber, containing barley gluten—not wheat gluten, and therefore is low on the glycemic index in relation to other grains. Our Streaker Barley Flakes are said to be a more filling breakfast than oats. Enjoy our Organic Streaker Barley Flakes in baked goods, breakfast cereals or anywhere oats are called for.


We take our nuts and seeds pretty seriously. Offering only organic and ethically grown nuts and seeds, we uphold the highest quality standards for our butters. We work directly with farmers to bring you specialty Pacific Northwest grown varieties—such as Oregon varietal hazelnuts, and have helped to develop viable processing options for Oregon’s Organic hazelnut growers. We are proud to bring you the best artisan butters from some of our favorite independently-owned brands, as well as our own Organic Hummingbird brand nut & seed butters. These butters are made in small batches, from the whole nut or seed and simple ingredients, leaving you with all the rich oils and flavor provided by nature.


Our Organic Dried Blueberries and Cranberries are like nothing we have seen on the market. Blueberries are often dried with sugar and oil in order to keep them plump and flavorful. If drying is overdone, the berries can virtually disappear into little nibs that turn crisp and lose their flavor. Our Organic Dried Blueberries, which are grown on a third generation, family-owned farm in Corvallis, Oregon, are dehydrated to perfection—producing a potent-flavored, deliciously chewy berry, without any added sugar or oil. Just like blueberries, cranberries are often dried with sugar and oil. Our Organic Cranberries are dried with honey! These Oregon Cranberries are carefully gathered when vine-ripened. Without the sugar and oil these berries are lighter—one pound of these berries is around twice as many berries as the oiled and sugared berries. We are excited to be able to offer these two unique products!