Olivia’s Zero Waste, Organic Lunchbox

Olivia’s Zero Waste, Organic Lunchbox

I love lunchtime so much!

I get to sit with my best friend and we do trivia questions. It’s a lot of fun. I also love my lunches, because my mom puts Hummingbird stuff in my lunch and it’s soooo good! My favorite snacks are blueberries, large coconut chips, and awakened almonds—they’re the best almonds! Sometimes my mom sends me some Hummingbird white chocolate for dessert—it’s my favorite treat!

Olivia's Zero Waste Lunchbox

At lunch, I notice other kids bring snacks in plastic bags that get thrown away. I wonder if they know there are other options for packing their lunches? My mom uses reusable metal containers that I use every day. My mom says this also saves us money because I can use my metal containers forever. I also use a reusable Hydro Flask bottle filled with water, so I can refill it when I get thirsty. I feel good about this because I worry about the well-being of the planet.
There is too much waste! One time, my friend put a banana peel in the garbage. I reminded her that banana peels can go in the compost so that they don’t end up in the landfill. Sometimes, I feel triggered seeing all the plastic and non-reusable stuff. We need to think about our home, Mother Earth. If EVERYONE used reusable containers it would make our world better.

By “Little Bird” Olivia Harris (Daughter of Eve Springer, Hummingbird Storefront)

This is the first in a series we are calling “Bird Songs.”  These are blog posts written by Birds (AKA Hummingbird Coworkers) and members of our community. We will be sharing personal reflections on topics that are important to our people. This first story, by Olivia, is a heartfelt message of how she avoids extra waste in her school lunches and her hope that we can all pitch in to protect our home, planet Earth. Thanks Olivia <3

Do you have a story to share? Has Hummingbird—our products, our mission and values, our people—impacted you in a way you would like the world to know about? Send your ideas to us at info@hummingbirdwholesale.com.

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