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What. A. Year!

December 18, 2020

What. A. Year!

Running a business of any kind has been extra hard this year. We dug deep to be flexible and resilient.

One of the ways we kept going in 2020, maintaining a smile and positive attitude in the face of changes great and small, was knowing that we were making and distributing health-affirming good food to our customers—food with Value. Good food supports good health and good thinking.

We want to thank you, our farmers, customers, vendors and friends, you made it possible for us to do our part, and we are very grateful to you! We did it together! Julie and I are full of gratitude for the incredibly hardworking coworkers at Hummingbird, for you as our partner in the Organic supply chain, and for the opportunity to be of service.

We hope you find joy in the Winter celebrations of light, and savor some snacks from all of us at Hummingbird!

With love,


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