The Perfect Energy Bar?

The Perfect Energy Bar?

Have you ever been on a big adventure and had the perfect energy bar? Sometimes I think I have, and then some time later I have another, and another, and then I'm not sure if it is perfect. My trips have taught me that perfection is short lived when it comes to day food. So, I've put some energy into solving this challenge.

This is the Missouri River near Judith Landing. It was the playground for a 7-day adventure by canoe for my family. Many energy rich snacks were critical in paddling the 149-miles from Fort Benton, Montana to James Kipp Campground. Cooking real food each day was one of the highlights of the trip. One of the other highlights—snacktime.

Energy on the go!

There are so many things you can buy off the shelf and some are better than others, but the best energy sources for me are always made from local fruit, nuts, grains and honey. Not only do they provide my body with calories for fuel, they also put my mind in a place where everything feels right. I'm going to share with you one of my energy foods for trips on the rivers or up into the mountains. I call these Pecan Butter & Berry Bites. It looks more like a sandwich, but eating 4 or 5 bites at a time is all you need. The organic Pecan Butter is coarse ground here at Hummingbird in the Willamette Valley. The berries change throughout the year—whether it is fresh blueberries, dried cherries or blackberry jam - they're all from the Pacific Northwest. The grains come in the form of organic naturally leavened wholegrain bread made in my oven. The wheat, spelt, and barley grains come from Oregon and Washington too. To add some flair, I'll add some pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, or poppy seeds. And then, I drizzle some honey over the whole thing. I've found that Honey provides immediate energy as well as helps to sustain me for longer full day adventures.

I encourage you to create and test your own energy bites, bars or mixes from organic energy-rich foods and I think you will enjoy the adventure even more. You know what they say... "Focus on the journey, not the destination."


By Paul Adkins  

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