Hummingbird Storefront reopens for Curbside Pickup

Hummingbird Storefront reopens for Curbside Pickup

Please NOTE: The Storefront is now reopened for Curbside Pickup Only (post updated Sept 1st.)

Please see Curbside Pickup information and pricelist here.

Starting Wednesday, March 18th until August 31.

During this time Hummingbird will remain in operation for our wholesale customers.

We have made the difficult decision to close our Storefront until further notice.

  • Why? We have seen a dramatic increase in sales for both our Storefront and Wholesale business, in reaction to concerns about the Coronavirus. This has stretched our capacity to serve our storefront at this volume, while also serving our core wholesale business. As a result, we have decided to focus on serving wholesale customers, because we are best set-up to serve them at this volume.
  • Will you reopen? This is a temporary plan! We plan to reopen our storefront as soon as we are able. Please stay tuned to our website for information.
  • Where can I get Hummingbird products? Now, as always, all of us remain dedicated to serving our community, providing access to healthy, Organic food through our wholesale channels. We encourage all of our Storefront customers to visit our local grocery retailers that purchase products from Hummingbird.
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your product is my food life line so id like to buy your gallons

Taunya Morson-Peuplie

Thank you, dear hummingbirds! Your products and your philosophy are keeping us all strong! Stay safe!


Thank you!

Peter McCarthy

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