Seasoned Nuts from Tierra Farm

Seasoned Nuts from Tierra Farm

Hummingbird is excited to have teamed up with Tierra Farm to bring eight tasty varieties of their deliciously seasoned, organic snacks to the West Coast.

The options are intensely flavorful. From Dill to Honey Sriracha and from Cajun to Everything Bagel, these tasty cashews and almonds will impress. Tierra Farm is renowned for their high-quality roasted nuts, and this collaboration allows us to share their exceptional products to our valued customers at Hummingbird.

Tierra Farm’s small batch roasting process ensures maximum freshness and flavor and their recipes are simple, using only whole-food ingredients you will recognize.Tierra Farm shares our commitment to sustainability in sourcing and production.

Seasoned Nuts Detail

"I love planning and getting out on wild adventures, sometimes for many days at a time. These savory cashews and almonds are perfect for taking on trips where energy and taste are critical. I love paring sweet dried fruits with tangy and salty snacks. I will be including these on my trips this year for sure."  ~Paul Adkins, health nut & adventure mountain biker and river paddler. 

"These seasoned cashews are perfect for a mid-day snack! They're great for an energy boost in the middle of a long day, and super tasty to boot! I know I'll be keeping a bag near my desk." ~N. Mack, Hummingbird Purchaser

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