RECIPE: Easy Overnight Oats 

RECIPE: Easy Overnight Oats 

This is a quick and easy, healthy breakfast, that is ready to go as soon as the sun, or your crew, rises. Perfect for fueling up for a day of hiking or paddling on a camping trip or for a work-day morning, these overnight oats can be eaten cold or quickly warmed up and “dressed up” with whatever favorite additions you have on hand. I like to have a variety of toppings available, so everyone is happy. Luckily, Hummingbird offers so many delicious nuts, seeds, dried fruits and chocolates… almost unlimited options.

Category: Breakfast | Cook Time: Warm only if desired | Servings: One | Prep Time: 5 Min.


There are only 2 essential ingredients in the “Basic Recipe.”

1/2 cup Organic thick rolled oats

3/4 to 1 cup liquid of your choice (water, dairy or non-dairy milk, dairy or non-dairy Greek yogurt)

If using yogurt, I typically use 1/2 yogurt and 1/2 water or milk to get the right consistency. You can use regular yogurt, but you'll want to reduce the other liquid a bit to get the right consistency.

Optional ingredients:

Pinch of salt (per serving)

1-2 Tbsp. (to taste) honey, maple syrup or other sweetener like sugar*

1 Tbsp. chia seed

*If you would rather not have added sugar, omit the sweetener in the Basic Recipe and, instead, add a mashed banana or chopped dates in the morning when you are ready to eat.


Mix together oats, liquid and any salt, sweetener and/or chia seed you are using. Cover with lid and refrigerate (or place in your cooler, if you’re camping) for at least 4 hours and up to 12 hours for the best texture.  

In the morning:

These oats are ready to be dressed up and eaten! Experiment with different combinations of ingredients or keep it plan and simple. I typically use the “small handful” method of measuring my Overnight Oats additions. If you prefer heated oats, I suggest adding toppings after heating for the best texture. You do what you like best.

One of my favorite topping combos is the one pictured above - our Good Food Award-Winning Awakened® Pecans, Biodynamic® Thompson Raisins and Dried Tart Cherries!

More ideas for inspiration:

Is it OK to serve Overnight Oats Cold or do you need to heat them up?

Soaking oats overnight is like “slow-cooking” them, so the oats will be more easily digested and safe to eat cold. Oats contain phytic acid, which can be hard to digest, so soaking overnight breaks this down and makes the oats easier on your stomach. If you have had tummy issues after eating oats, try this out! Soaking overnight in the fridge is a great way to either have breakfast ready to go or cut down on cooking time if you decide you want your oats hot. If you want to heat up your oats, it will only take a few minutes in a saucepan on your camp stove or home stovetop. You don’t need to fully cook the oats after soaking overnight, you are simply warming them to your preferred temperature for eating.

What kind of oats work best?

I use thick rolled oats because I think these make for the best texture and are minimally processed. You can use quick or instant oats, but you will want to cut down on the total liquid you use by 2 tablespoons or so and expect a softer texture.


Wide mouth canning jars with lids or other containers with lids – to hold the oats as they soak overnight. It can be fun to make these in individual quart-sized, canning jars, especially if you are planning to serve cold. This way, each jar has room to add toppings and you can eat right out of the container you soaked the oats in. Otherwise, use a large enough container to mix all servings together and scoop out into bowls in the morning. Whatever works for you and your crew! Oh yeah, you will also need a spoon!

Share your tricks or topping combinations in the comments!

Stacy Kraker

by: Stacy Kraker
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Stacy loves to get away to the mountains or the ocean. "Having a great simple breakfast while camping is essential."

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