R.I.P. Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

R.I.P. Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Originally created as Azara's 'Betony Butter' way back in 2012, and was inspired by the disgusting ingredients in Nutella, as well as a desire to feature the Organic hazelnut industry here in Oregon. The recipe included Betony (Parrots Beak) tincture, which is a cure-all herb that grows here in the PNW. Betony is also Azara's middle name as she is indeed a cure-all!

We were forced to remove the Betony at some point when it became apparent that Betony is not an allowed substance under the Organic Certification standards, at which point the recipe was altered and Chocolate Hazelnut Butter was born.

See the original label at the top, and yes, it was printed in black and white on Avery label paper.

Charlie's goal at the time was to have a curl of Chocolate Hazelnut Butter served with every latte in town, a goal which he never pursued.

Today we lay to rest the Chocolate Hazelnut Butter due to declining sales and challenging production.

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