Pure, Raw and Unfiltered

Pure, Raw and Unfiltered

At Hummingbird, we delight in sharing the complex flavors of unblended, unfiltered honey from the hive while supporting rural livelihoods and family farms. Our honey celebrates the work of the bees, where they've been and the hives they keep. We invite you to try honey that is pure, raw, unfiltered—with regional and varietal transparency.


Our honey suppliers do not blend their honey with other varieties of honey, water, or syrup solutions. Our honey comes straight out of the comb, into the container, that’s that!


We never heat our honeys above 115° F in handling, leaving vital amino acids and vitamins from the honey, propolis and pollen intact.


Unlike most honey that is pressure filtered, our honey is only sieved to remove large particles, leaving you with the maximum amount of naturally occurring propolis and pollen. This process protects honey’s antioxidant, anti-fungal, and nutritional goodness.


We’ve built long term relationships with our beekeepers reliant on mutual trust. Our win-win approach honors and respects everyone—including the bees!


We source regional and nectar source specific honey, so you know where your honey comes from and the plant source of the pollen. Our nectar specific honey may come from different regions depending on the year.

We invite you to taste the honey for yourself.

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