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Say Hello to Our Truck (and Trike) Drivers

September 14, 2021

Say Hello to Our Truck (and Trike) Drivers

This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation WeekSeptember 12-18, 2021. This year we appreciate our drivers more than ever considering the crucial role truck drivers are playing during the COVID-19 pandemic and navigating their routes during the fires we have experienced on the West Coast. We are excited to share how much we value their work and commitment.
Getting Organic food distributed safely to our communities has been particularly challenging for truck drivers during the past 18 months, but our truck (and trike) drivers have also experienced more caring and compassionate folks—both sharing the road and with our customers. We attribute some of this to the pandemic and the evolving conditions that everyone is having to deal with. Our drivers share a common sentiment that our customers are the highlight of their work. The smiles, good conversations, understanding attitudes, and honest respect for what our drivers do, day in and day out, in the smoke, heat, wind, rain, and even snow. We shout out THANK YOU!  This also goes out to Tad, our Washington Route Driver, not pictured above.
Truck drivers are a critical part of our economy and almost everything we consume gets to us by truck. Do you want to say "thanks?" Next time you see a Hummingbird driver on the road, or at your local natural food store, we recommend giving them an extra big wave hello or sharing a thank you for all of their hard work. Their jobs are vital in keeping us going, getting good food to your table. We couldn't do it without them! 

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