Our New Organic Snacks

Our New Organic Snacks

Snacks for people who care about food, farmers, health, community, and the planet!

We want to introduce our very own, packed and ready to go, Organic snack line. We have put together some of the most delicious, healthy snacks that you'll find anywhere. With feedback from customers and fans of our products, we selected a resealable, stand-up pouch in two sizes (2.5 oz and 6 oz)—perfect for on-the-go activities. Our nutrient-dense snacks fall into five categories.

Dark Chocolate Covered RaisinsConfections
We start with only the finest Organic nuts and fruits—California Almonds, Oregon Hazelnuts, Tropical Ginger and California Raisins—to create these high quality, unique treats. Then, we cover them in soy-free and dairy-free Fair Trade, Organic, Dark Chocolate. Finally, they are dusted with Organic Cocoa Powder. Available in 2.5 oz and 6oz bags.

Dried Fruit
We have two options here, sweet & spicy Organic Crystallized Ginger—dusted with organic cane sugar, and what has been called THE BEST Organic Dried Mango. Both are available in 6 oz bags.

We start by sprouting the nuts and seeds that go into our granolas. We call this sprouting process Awakened®, as it "wakes-up" the highest nutrient quality available for your body. Ariel's Om Grown is sprouted, raw granola, with no added sugars or oil, and made with Oregon grown, Organic Hazelnuts and features our Certified Transitional Cranberries, because we believe in helping support farms transitioning to organic. Our other granolas include Awakened® Bucky's Hazelnut Granola,  Organic Awakened®  Golden Goji Granola, and  Organic Awakened®  Green Monster Granola.  All four Granolas are perfect for breakfast or as a snack on the go. Each is available in 6 oz bags.

Nuts & Seeds
We know you will love our Organic Awakened® Almonds (Salted and Unsalted) and Organic Awakened® Pumpkin seeds (lightly salted), available in both 2.5 oz and 6 oz bags. Our Organic Roasted and Salted Oregon Grown Hazelnuts are a satisfying, crunchy and nutritious addition to our line of nuts. Available in 6 oz bags.

Trail Mix
Finally, we have three powerful trail mixes—made for your adventures. Our Organic Hazel Munch is a twist on the classic trail blend, packed with Hazelnuts, dried Cherries, and Milk Chocolate. Our Organic Pacific Coast Blend combines regionally sourced ingredients: Cranberries, Roasted Hazelnuts, Awakened® Pumpkin Seeds, Pistachios, Roasted Almonds, Walnuts, Persimmons, Flame Raisins, Pear & Apple Slices. Our Organic Sunrise Paleo Blend is an energizing mix of Pacific Northwest and tropical flavors: Goldenberries, Salted Awakened® Pumpkin Seeds, Mango, Goji Berries, Cashews, Pecans, Pineapple and salted Awakened® Almonds. All three are available in 2.5 oz and 6 oz bags.

Every Hummingbird Snack bag is packed with ingredients sourced directly from farmers we know and a portion of your purchase goes toward organic research, educational programs for farmers and trade partners, and to organizations focused on creating healthy, Organic food systems and communities. Whether you are working hard, playing harder or just relaxing, these Organic Snacks are especially tasty, good for you, and ready to go!

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