Ordering Online: Tips & Tricks

Ordering Online: Tips & Tricks

Here is a little guide to help you with ordering Organic Farm-Direct Bulk & Grocery Foods at Hummingbird Wholesale. We will walk you through the steps to place your order online accurately, efficiently and get you back to your other work. We are always looking for your feedback to make our site better.

First, you will need a Wholesale Account. This is easy to get started, just complete a request for a New Customer Application. This will initiate a call from our Customer Service team. Once we have reviewed your information, we can send you an account invite for the website. You'll follow the link and set up your username and password. You are ready to order.

Sign In to the Hummingbird Wholesale website to start your first order. Our recommendation is to begin by clicking on PRODUCTS in the main navigation. That will take you to all the collections at a glance, everything from Bee Products to Sweeteners and everything in between. Chose your first collection. There you'll find all the products in that group. Hovering over the products you'll see the {QUICK SHOP{ button. That is the fastest way to put something in your cart for the first time. Clicking on the Product name you'll move to the full product details. This will show you the comprehensive info for each item: description, farm details, nutrition facts, allergen info, shelf life, storage recommendations, and options as far as product unit size.

Add the products you like to your cart. Once you have picked the products that make up your regular order, you can click {SAVE THIS CART . In future visits, after you sign in, you can click {CART{ to get the link to {VIEW SAVED CARTS . Jumping in with a saved cart can save you considerable time and minimize errors.

What you can expect when ordering online with Hummingbird Wholesale:

  • Save Your Shopping Cart — This allows you to save your regular items in a shopping cart, or even several carts, to speed up future orders. This could be your standing order or your department's regular products. You can even share a link to your cart with other members of your team, so they can view and add to it! This will save you time.
  • Get Alerts when Out of Stock Items Return — Occasionally you'll find an out of stock item, but you can request notification (text or email) when an out of stock product is back in stock.
  • Order Any Time — Our customer service team is happy to help with your orders from 8-4 pm Monday - Friday, but sometimes you early birds or night owls may want to place your orders outside of this time window. Don't fret!  Our website is open for business 24/7 and web orders are processed the next business day.
  • Explore New Products and Pack Sizes You can easily view all items in a category, discover various size options, and check related items. It is easier to look at than a standard price list. You may find something new you've been thinking about.
  • MORE Info on the Products Your Customers LOVE — You want to know where products are grown, nutrition facts and certifications, ingredients and suggestions on how to use them. We have got all of this info and more, right at your fingertips on our website!


Because many of our products have associated deposit fees for the returnable containers, we manually review each order that you submit. We then add in the deposits and send you a final order invoice via email. We may reach out to you if your shipping is outside our delivery area, or if payment method is not on file.

If you need additional support, you can add a note to us in the Cart and we will answer or handle that as appropriate.

To place orders through our website you'll need to have your account set-up for web orders. So, please call our Customer Service & Sales team at (541) 686-0921 x2 (or email at info@hummingbirdwholesale.com) to get started. It will only take a minute.

Ready to Order? If you already have an account on our website, take a look and give the Saved Cart feature, or the Quick Order a try. And please tell us what you think. We want to hear about your order experience.



Saving your cart(s) can simplify your ordering process. When you return to place your next order just sign in then click the CART button in the main navigation. This brings up your link to your saved carts. Boom, you are already practically done with your order. You can also share your saved carts with your team.


On each of the collection pages you are able to add items to your cart directly without going to each product page. This will help to speed things up for items that you've ordered before, and don't need to see the full product details. Saving you a few clicks on each item makes a difference.

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