National Cocoa Day: Recipe

National Cocoa Day: Recipe

The cold weather is here. And its National Cocoa Day. There is no better way to warm up than with a steamy creamy hot cocoa. And we have a simple recipe for you.


1 Tbsp organic cocoa powder or cacao powder

1 Tbsp organic coconut sugar (substitute 2 tsp cane sugar or brown sugar)

1 Tbsp organic maple syrup

8-12 ounces organic whole milk

mini marshmallows or candy canes


In a small sauce pan, add the cocoa powder, coconut sugar, and maple syrup. Mix to combine, forming a paste.

Using your mug to measure, pour in nearly a full mug of whole milk. Stir to combine. Heat on low until hot, stirring regularly. Remove from heat and pour back into your mug.

Top with favorite hot cocoa toppings like marshmallows or a peppermint candy cane and enjoy immediately while hot!

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