Meet our Customer Service & Sales Team

Meet our Customer Service & Sales Team

October 4-8, 2021 is National Customer Service Appreciation Week. Our Customer Service and Sales team are talking to our customers Monday through Friday. They provide all kinds of company and product information to our Restaurant, Processors and Grocery customers. They listen intently to your needs and concerns when things go awry. They work with you closely to get things back on the right track as quickly and efficiently as possible. They answer your questions and take your organic food orders. They finalize shipping details. They are great at communication! Currently many of them are working remotely and this has its challenges. They have had to learn new methods of communication and tracking to be sure things go right.

They have hearts of gold. They are funny! If we were a rock group they would be our lead singers. They are practically super heroes! We just love them!

THANK YOU for all you do for Hummingbird and our amazing Customers! Shout outs to Ramani, Jackson, Deirdre, Meg, Eve, Chris, Delanie, and Jered!

Customer Service Reps Jered & Delanie, and Sales Rep Chris are not pictured.

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