Hummingbird 2.0

Hummingbird 2.0

We've launched Hummingbird 2.0, our fully refreshed website, taking efficient ordering to the next level.

New Tools:
  • An all-new, more efficient Bulk Order Form — Once you are logged in, you'll find in the upper right corner, a button titled "Bulk Order Form". Many of you have asked for this and we hope this will be a big convenience and time saver. You can access this form at any time in the ordering process.
  • Instantly Search by SKU, Name, or Filter by Collection — At the top of the Bulk Order Form, you will be able to view all products in one screen and add products to your cart without loading more pages. Enter the SKU or Product Name in the live search and add products to your cart without reloading the page. Filtering by Collection will show products from one collection at a time, making it easy to find what you need.
  • Use "Previous Orders" — In a tab next to the Bulk Order form, you'll find your favorite products from past orders and add them to your cart, again, without reloading the page. This feature replaces the Saved Cart functionality with more options going forward.
  • Get Notified about Out-of-Stock Items — You can request a notification (text or email) when an out-of-stock product returns to stock.
  • Everything is Easier to Find — With refreshed pages and clear navigation, finding what you are looking for is simpler and more intuitive. Find everything you need to know about Hummingbird and our products, right at your fingertips on our website!


Bulk Orders & Reorder for Convenience

Things that aren't changing:
  • Your login remains the same. If you've lost your password, just click Forgot your Password and wait for the email to reset it.
  • We are still focused on all the details, organic and kosher certification, quality, origin, local and regional priority, accuracy, and inventory.
  • Our connection to you — We take great care and pride in creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers as well as our farmers. Learn more here»

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