Caring, serving, and giving are all part of Earth Month. We believe that these things are critically important for our wellbeing. At Hummingbird, we've created programs and systems to facilitate giving, whether it is giving to our coworkers, giving to our community or giving to our future on Earth. We love to give and feel more connected to our community when we do.

Donations: We accept donation requests from the community and support opportunities for 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations and causes that are in alignment with our mission and values: to support and grow organic acreage, the organic food community, and food systems improvements. This past year we've been able to make food donations to Food for Lane County, 86 Hunger Foundation - Acorn Cafe, Whole Earth Nature School, Culinary Breeding Network, That's my Farmer, Eugene Waldorf School, Eugene Village School, Positive Community Kitchen, Bohemia Food Hub, Huerto de la Familia, and others.

Volunteering: To be of service to our community, with our skills, knowledge, and labor, Hummingbird provides stipends for our coworkers to volunteer for organizations that are forging a path of sustainability for the good of all. Our birds have volunteered with Friends of Trees, Willamette River Keeper, Positive Community Kitchen, Oregon Organic Coalition, Eugene Farmer's Market, Burrito Brigade, CORE Eugene, Beyond Toxics, Food for Lane County, Willamette Farm and Food Coalition, Friends of Family Farmers, Greenlane, Provender Food Alliance, Next Step Recycling, Cultivate Oregon, McKenzie River Trust, Slow Food, OSU Extension Service. 

Sustainability: Our sustainability efforts and our commitment to continuous improvement in our business practices extend from field to table. At Hummingbird Earth Day really is every day.

Our place - The Barrow, a collaborative community of businesses focused on
food, innovation, and the environment. Hummingbird is situated within the Barrow in downtown Eugene.

  • We meet 100% of our electrical load with EWEB Green Power and our 27KW rooftop solar electric system
  • Our heating and cooling systems are designed for energy conservation including high-efficiency heat pumps and a geothermal ground source unit
  • Zero waste systems in practice and policy to conserve resources

Hummingbird Food Sourcing - We are committed to sourcing products that meet high ethical and quality standards.

  • Organic, non-GMO, ethically sourced, fairly traded
  • Farm-direct, with a focus on sourcing US and PNW-grown
  • Transparent in origin and sourcing information
  • Helpful to people and the planet. Before purchasing, we consider the producer’s growing, manufacturing and packaging practices, their social responsibility, the value they place on ethical relationships, and the product’s contribution to health, vitality, and well-being
  • NOT damaging to people (including indigenous cultures), flora, and fauna

Our Award-winning Container Return and Reuse Program is a success, thanks to our customer partners!

  • Our bulk liquids (from Agave to White Wine Vinegar) are delivered in reusable food-grade deposit-return containers
  • We have more than a 76% return rate, overall, and we have reused over 125,000 lbs of plastic containers and over 93,000 lbs of glass containers, since 2003

Giving it our all in these times feeds us emotionally, mentally, and physically. Take a moment and think about the ways - big and small - you can give in your day-to-day activities.

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