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Food for Adventure

June 11, 2019

Summiting Diamond Peak in the Diamond Peak Wilderness, Oregon.

Whether you are heading out into the wide-open country or hitting the pavement in the city for adventures this summer, you're going to need to pack good food to stay energized for the journey. You'll need food that is easy to pack, good for you, and deliciousRight now, our crew is packing Ariel's 'OM Grown Granola for breakfast and for snacking. It is a raw, grain-free granola made up of organic sprouted nuts, seeds and dried fruits without added sugars or oil, made with ingredients grown and harvested in Oregon. 

Granola is the best trail food.Why are we so excited about Ariel's 'Om Grown? It's a recipe created by one of Hummingbird's owners, Julie, and her daughter, Ariel (can you say namesake?), as they searched for a less sweet, more nutritious granola to fuel their adventures. Ariel's 'OM Grown was just the ticket and we are excited to share that with you.

Now, we are announcing a recipe change for Ariel's 'OM Grown Granola. We have removed the Nori seaweed and we are now using our Transitional Cranberries. With our effort to transition more fields to organic (#organicoregon #organicworld), we are embracing these Transitional Cranberries as they were grown using organic practices, while the farm goes through the required three year transition period before gaining organic certification. Pretty cool, huh?

So, as you make adventure plans this summer, think about what you need—the right fuel for your body. Organic trail mixes and granolas at Hummingbird are perfect for the trip!

"We are planning a 1000+ mile bicycle tour in August from Missoula, MT to Colorado Springs, CO to celebrate my daughter and her next adventure at Colorado College. We will be packing Ariel's 'OM Grown Granola to keep our group on top of the world!"—Paul Adkins, Hummingbird Wholesale, Marketing and Brand Coordinator

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