Farm Connections & Sourcing

Farm Connections & Sourcing

Now, as an Employee Owned Purpose Trust, we continue our mission to offer Organic, high-quality, nutritious foods grown as locally and sustainably as possible. We take great care and pride in creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Like the Hummingbird, we seek to sip the nectar of the Earth without harming the flower. This links us inextricably with farms and farmers and with our various customers, natural groceries, organic food makers, restaurants, and people like you. Farm Connections is what we call our farm-direct sourcing. Before purchasing, we consider the producer's growing, manufacturing, and packaging practices, their social responsibility, the value they place on ethical relationships, and the product's contribution to health, vitality, and well-being of people and the planet.

Hummingbird prioritizes:

  • Organic, non-GMO, ethically sourced, fairly traded
  • Farm direct, transparent, identity-preserved sourcing
  • Local, regional, PNW origin
Hummingbird Specialty - Farm Connections

We also work to share in some of the endless risks growers face.

  • We help farmers plan crops based on expected markets
  • We contract for planted acreage at a guaranteed price
  • We help with seed purchases for certain crops
  • We provide marketing support

We are proud that many of our suppliers and growers have been selling to us for more than 20 years.

The Farm Connections & Sourcing Team is made up of four members, pictured above left to right, Mack, James, Kevin, and Kara. Mack purchases our dried fruit, packaging materials, and more. James is our Senior Farm Liaison and handles our acreage contracts for grains and legumes, with an additional focus on volume sales. Kevin sources our honey, among other things, and is also a beekeeper himself! Kara is the Farm Connections & Sourcing Manager and also sits on our Hummingbird Board of Directors in the role of Secretary. She handles our chocolate, nut butters, and more.

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