Do you love food and our community?

Do you love food and our community?

Becka, our Customer Service Representative, had already applied and was scheduled to volunteer at Positive Community kitchen back in January, but came down with Covid and couldn't make it to her first shift.

"That night, I was sick, delirious, struggling and trying to figure out how to get food—let alone come up with a meal idea, it was daunting. And I heard a knock at my door, PCK delivered food which included a week's worth of nutritious soups, salads, energy bars and entrees for me and my partner. They supported me and my family during a difficult situation and this allowed me time and space to focus on healing. It was truly incredible."

When she got back to full health she rescheduled her time to volunteer. As her shift began, the volunteer adults and teens lined up at the sink to wash their hands. Then the team circled up and discussed what they would be prepping that day. Faye, PCK's Manager of Nutrition Education, gave a little insight to the health benefits of the ingredients and they began chopping and preparing the healthy entrees, side salads, snacks and desserts. They were encouraged to taste test each item to make sure they were just right. The volunteers and staff put a lot of kindness, care and love into the food. Two and a half hours later the meals were portioned, packaged and ready for the delivery angels to start their routes around town to clients homes. After the voluneers cleaned up the kitchen, the evening was over.

Becka felt, "This community organization doesn't just deliver meals to families in need, they bring people together around something very personal - the love of food and everything that comes with that."

Positive Community Kitchen

Positive Community KitchenEvery week volunteer teen and adult chefs come together to prepare organic healing meals for community members fighting life-threatening illnesses. PCK's mission is to elevate wellness and inspire youth engagement through healthy food & community connection(s). And they've been doing this for 10 years.

PCK grows its own or uses organic and local foods to insure that the freshest and most nutrient rich whole food is available for our clients as well as to nurture a healthy local food system by supporting our local growers and producers. 

The kitchen operates in Hummingbird's Incubator Kitchen located inside the Stellaria building on Shelton McMurphey Blvd.

Hummingbird's Volunteer Program

Becka shares, "I am very grateful to work at Hummingbird Wholesale and have volunteer opportunities as part of our employee benefits. Through this we connect our company with the community on a deeper level."

"It is very fulfilling to feel like I am making a difference, if more companies offered a program like Hummingbird, it could prevent the heavy weight some may feel at work and fight burnout culture by reinvigorating feelings of purpose and connection."

"My time at Positive Community kitchen was brief but very memorable. I highly recommend this volunteer program to anyone who loves food and loves our community."

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