Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Chocolate is a symbol of happiness. And, Charlie says, Organic Fair Trade 70% Dark Chocolate is even better. By Charlie, in this case, we mean Charlie Tilt of Hummingbird Wholesale. Fitting, for our little chocolate factory! Here at Hummingbird, we use some of the best Organic ingredients available to make our Organic, Dark Chocolate-covered treats. Our Organic Almonds, Oregon Hazelnuts, Dried Ginger, and Dried Bing Cherries are perfect things to cover in our amazing chocolate. So, we set out to create these treats in our Eugene-based certified organic production facility.

The results are quite exciting. We start with Organic nuts or dried fruit and begin coating them slowly with molten Organic chocolate in our tumblers.

Agostini, our chocolate supplier, contracts directly with small farms to source this delicious chocolate. With frequent visits to the growers in Peru, our partner is able to observe working and living conditions first hand. Committed to promoting the ethical treatment of workers and improving the standards of the industry, Agostini invests and participates in social and environmental projects that improve schooling, literacy, healthcare, access to clean drinking water, improving natural habitat and forest diversity, and keeping rivers clean.

Roasted and ground Organic cocoa beans (cocoa liquor) are mixed with organic cane sugar and organic cocoa butter, and then refined to reach a smooth consistency. This incredible chocolate has a dark brown color that tastes similar to semisweet chocolate and does not contain soy lecithin nor dairy ingredients.

As the nuts and fruits are evenly covered with dark chocolate, we then dust the treats with organic cocoa power, also from Agostini. This creates a beautifully dusty unsweetened outer surface so your fingers don't get messy when you are enjoying these delicious, dark chocolate confections.

We want you to see for yourself. Grab a small snack bag to taste test and discover what we've created.

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