We are hopped up on Appropriate Transportation

We are hopped up on Appropriate Transportation

We had the opportunity to host a fun little meeting of community and regional leaders on Friday last week - organized by BEST (Better Eugene Springfield Transportation). They were interested in learning about how Hummingbird Wholesale has developed our Bike Delivery Program. Charlie Tilt, Hummingbird's CEO, gave the history, business analysis, and outlook for our local delivery of bulk grocery goods - often amounting to 600-1000 lb loads - by bike with electric assist. 

The leaders were eager with lots of questions on scaling this style of local delivery and possible other uses. In attendance were Mayors from Eugene and Springfield, Eugene City Councilors and Oregon State Representatives. To learn more about Hummingbird Sustainability, our mission, or more information about our Bike Delivery check out our Sustainability page where you'll find a great little video about Bike Delivery.

It is really pretty amazing that since 1991, when we started delivering our organic bulk grocery products by bike, we have carried well over a million pounds to local restaurants, food stores and other businesses here in Eugene and Springfield.

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