Adventure, Trying Something New

Adventure, Trying Something New

What is adventure? Some say it's doing things that involve some danger, but I say it is taking a chance, and taking risks, to do something that you know will test your experience, fitness or skills and involves new places, ideas, or activities. There are big adventures and little adventures; it doesn't always have to be grand. Being open to the possibilities, and not having everything too planned out is also a key component. One person's walk in the park may be another person's exploration into a wild world. Even adding one unknown - the weather - can transform a routine trip into a grand adventure. So, I guess we could say that a good adventure begins by being ready for the unknown.

Most of the adventures I get into take place in the natural environment. Activities like finding a new (to me) waterfall or swimming hole, climbing to the top of a mountain or simply going from here to there with only the food and gear I can carry in my pack thrills me most when I expand my mind and my physical capabilities.

At Hummingbird Wholesale, we have a lot of folks who love adventures of all kinds. We also love healthy, Organic food. So making food for these adventures, big and small, is exciting for us. We all try to visualize what snacks would be good when we're tired and the sun is beating down on us. We realize that having a diversity of options is super important when it comes to satisfying what we crave on any adventure. So, we've created our Hummingbird Organic Snack line, that will always have something just right in the moment—with 19 exciting options, from Organic Awakened nuts and seeds, to dried fruit and trail mixes that put them all together. We even have snacks that are covered in Organic chocolate, perfect for cooler weather. They all provide great taste and clean calories for sustained energy. We know from experience that maintaining your energy during activity keeps your attitude good and your judgement free from distractions.

All of these snacks are also available for bulk bins. Bulk bins are great for adventures too because you can buy enough for bigger groups and use your own bags or containers to minimize packaging waste. 

We would love to hear about your adventures this summer. Please comment below and share what you've done or what you're planning.  

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