Bean, Pinto

Originally from Central Mexico, but popular throughout the American Southwest, pinto beans have a full-bodied, earthy flavor with a mealy texture. They combine well with chili powder seasoning. Use leftover beans to make refried beans.

Combine the creamy pink texture of pinto beans with a whole grain such as brown rice and you have a high quality protein meal.

Pinto beans have a beige background strewn with reddish brown splashes of color. They are like little painted canvases, ` la Jackson Pollack; hence their name "pinto," which in Spanish means "painted." When cooked, their colored splotches disappear, and they become a beautiful pink color.

Origin Shoshone, Idaho
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Organic
Available Yes, Available to Order


Item # Package Size
L135 25 lb bag 25.00 lbs


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