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Vinegar, Blackberry, Biodynamic



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Our local Biodynamic Blackberry Vinegar came into being on a farm in Kings Valley, northwest of Corvallis, Oregon. In 1987, Jim and Sally began to grow Organic berries on their 30 acre farm. Within a year they decided to transition to Biodynamic farming practices and Jim became the Executive Director for Demeter® USA, the only certifier of Biodynamic farms and products. Their farm is certified as Demeter Biodynamic® and Organic.

Over eight years ago, Jim began experimenting with a traditional method of making vinegar, and he’s been building his inventory ever since. His Biodynamic Blackberry Vinegar is made with high quality berries grown on the farm. Fresh berries are juiced, then fermented into alcohol at which point the “mother” is added (changing the blend from alcohol to vinegar). The vinegar is fermented and stored in oak barrels.

Jim’s message to customers: "We appreciate your support for local farmers. Farming is not easy; the work never ends! But we love it."

Suggestions for use: salad dressings, marinating meats or vegetables, finishing soups, or just sprinkled on your meals

Storage Info

Store in a cool, dark place in an airtight container

Shelf Life

Once opened, best if used within 1 years


Raw, Unfiltered Biodynamic and Organic Blackberry Vinegar. 4% Acidity



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