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Tea, Indi's Gold, Young Mountain Tea



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Young Mountain Tea partners with small producers across India and Nepal to support community-led and cooperatively-organized tea production - focused on loose-leaf, Organic, single origin teas made in small batches.

Young Mountain helped create the Tinjure Cooperative, which is Nepal’s first cooperatively owned and operated factory. In the early 90s, villagers banded together and sold their harvest collectively to a nearby factory. In 2013, they raised the funds to establish their own processing facility to produce finished tea. Today the Tinjure Cooperative is comprised of 240 members who both grow and process the tea. This allows the farmers and workers to earn 40 times more than selling the same green leaf to privately run factories!

This uplifting black tea is fruity and naturally sweet with tangy aromas of dried apricots. 

This sunny Nilgiri black is one of the signature teas of Indi Khanna and Tea Studio. Always pushing the bar of traditional Indian teas–Khanna made Indi’s Gold suggestive of Mediterranean fruits and flavorsNilgiri teas are inherently difficult to over-steep, making them favorites for iced teas.

Infusion suggestions: 210 °F for 2.5 minutes



Storage Info

Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container

Shelf Life

Best if used within 2 years of Julian Date


Tea Leaves




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