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Roasted Hazelnut Oil, Expeller Pressed



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We are excited to share our local Good Food Award-Winning Oregon Organic Roasted Hazelnut Oil, expeller pressed exclusively by Hummingbird Wholesale! This is an exciting addition to our updated 8.5 oz line of specialty organic oils, which also includes our award-winning Oregon-grown Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil and Toasted Sesame Oil. These oils make a great addition to your retail set.

Organic Roasted Hazelnut Oil adds a rich, earthy hazelnut flavor to any dish. Suitable for medium-high heat: Perfect for sauteing, baking, dipping, blending into a dressing, drizzling on a finished dish, or as a substitute for butter.

Jim Birkemeier of Meridian Orchards has been growing hazelnuts his entire life; as a boy, he hand-harvested nuts from his family’s one-acre orchard. When we visited his farm, Jim toured us through his beautiful 80-acre Organic orchard filled with tall, old, regal hazelnut trees, and told us of his unique natural methods for attaining high-quality, Organic hazelnuts and strengthening the disease resistance of his trees. 

Expeller pressing is a mechanical method for extracting oil. The roasted nuts are squeezed under high pressure in a single step. Unrefined oils are filtered only lightly to remove large particles. The flavor, color and fragrance of unrefined oils are more intense than in refined oils; they are more nutritious and have a shorter storage life than refined.



Storage Info

Store in a cool place

Shelf Life

Best if used within 1 year of Julian date


Organic Hazelnut (Filbert) Oil




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