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Olive Oil, Arbequina, Raw, Extra Virgin, Organic Roots



Organic Roots is a small family owned and operated company located in Northern California. The olives for their oil are all grown organically on the Polit Family Farm. The Polit family has been working Northern California soil for four generations. First starting as a dairy and cattle ranch, the farm is best known for its organically grown and milled rice. The most recent Polit generation had an urge to try something new, and a rice field was turned into an organic olive orchard.

Organic Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive Oil has a piquant and robust 'green' flavor. The spiciness in Olive Oil is a result of anti-oxidants.

Recommended for salad dressing, bread dipping, bean dishes, hearty soups, baked potatoes, grilled bread, vegetables, antipasti and boldly-flavored recipes. Perfect for grilling and drizzling over foods just before serving.

Words from the processor:

”Organic Roots is more than a name, it’s a defining phrase that summarizes the generations of the Polit family in the North State. From cattle to organic rice, and now premium extra virgin olive oil it seems the Polit family legacy was, is, and is destined to be Organic Roots.”



Storage Info

Store at room temperatures, in a dark place, in an airtight container

Shelf Life

Best if used within 2 years of Julian date


Organic Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive Oil




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