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Seeds for Sprouting

Sprouting Seed Mix



Our Organic Sprouting Seed Mix is made at Hummingbird Wholesale with four of our certified Organic sprouting seeds—Alfalfa, Crimson Clover, Radish and Broccoli.

Our Organic Crimson Clover Sprouting Seed is grown by Jim Bronic of Praying Mantis Farm in Canby, Oregon. Our Broccoli Sprouting Seed is grown on a farm located in the Central Valley of California. Our Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seed is grown on a farm in Idaho, and our Organic Radish Sprouting Seed is grown in the US.

This beautiful, delicious and nutritious mix is packed with protein, iron, and is high in antioxidants. Once sprouted, enjoy this mix on salads and sandwiches.

To sprout this seed mix, soak the seeds in jar of water for 8-12 hours; cover with cheese cloth and secure with rubber band. Rinse the seeds 2-3 times per day for 5-6 days. Drain well after rinsing (try setting the jar on its side or tipped into a bowl). Store in the fridge and consume within a few days. The yield is around 7 to 1. See our blog post on the sprouting process.

Sprouts can be subject to contamination, leading to food-borne illnesses. Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling foods, and keep sprouting equipment and all kitchen surfaces clean to avoid cross-contamination.



Storage Info

Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container

Shelf Life

Best if used within 1 year of Julian date


Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seed, Organic Crimson Clover Sprouting Seed, Organic Radish Sprouting Seed, Organic Broccoli Sprouting Seed




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