Polenta, Dakota Black, Heirloom

Working with Kasey White and Jeff Broadie from Lonesome Whistle Farm, our Organic Dakota Black Heirloom Corn was grown by Joel Huesby from Huesby Farms in Touchet, Washington. A fourth generation farm, Huesby Farms was the second in Washington to preserve their Certified Organic farmland through the PCC Farmland Trust. The corn was milled by Camas Country Mill in Eugene, Oregon.

An open-pollinated popping corn, this type of flint corn has been grown and used for centuries. Dakota Black has decorative black and dark maroon ears with starchy kernels that are often popped, or ground into flour or corn meal.

This black, purple and white polenta is a fun and unique food. With a rich, hearty flavor, polenta can be used interchangeably with grits, and is an excellent base for hearty meat and vegetable dishes. Try adding in to cornbread recipes for extra texture.

Origin Washington
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Locally Produced, Organic
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Item # Package Size
G265 25 lb bag 25.00 lbs

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