Kasha (Toasted Buckwheat Groats)

Our Organic Kasha is sourced from a Mill that has been in business since 1797. For over 200 years, the manufactures have been contracting directly with growers to produce custom grain milling for the United States as well as many worldwide customers.

Kasha is made from 100% buckwheat. Buckwheat is a fruit that has an outer shell called the hull. To make Kasha, the hull is cracked open and removed from the fruit inside called the groat. The groat is dry roasted in a tumbling roaster. Sometimes during this process, a fine flour material will wear off the groat kernels and form what is called flour scale that cracks off of the side of the tumblers into the kasha from time to time. After roasting, the kasha is run over a series of sieves to separate the flour scale from the kasha, but sometimes the machine does not get it all. The flour scale is a natural byproduct and a normal part of the roasting process.

Kasha is dark brown and tan in color and holds a nutty, toasted robust flavor. Buckwheat is considered a complex carbohydrate, and contains one of the highest levels of usable protein in the plant kingdom while being high in fiber. Use our Organic Kasha in soups, granolas and baked goods.

Origin New York State
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Sustainability Designation Organic
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This product has been discontinued.


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G110 50 lb bag 50.00 lbs

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G110-5# 5 lb bag 5.00 lbs

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