Macadamia Nuts, Raw, Dehydrated, Halves & Pieces, Unsalted

Sourced from a 250 acre Organic farm in Hawaii. Our grower’s special processing method makes their dehydrated Macadamia Nuts super crunchy while still offering a rich and buttery texture.

Macadamia nuts are one of the few foods to have an equal balance of omega-3 and omega-6 oil.

Words from the farmer about how the nuts are processed:

"Macadamia nuts fall from the tree when ripe. They must be gathered every few weeks to maintain their best flavor and quality.

Once gathered, the nuts are husked, graded, cracked, washed, and dehydrated. We dehydrate at low temperatures (116 degrees) over a 4-5 day period. Thus they are considered a Raw Food. This also gives them their tantalizing texture and flavor."

Origin Hawai'i
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Organic
Available Yes, Available to Order


Item # Package Size
N193 5 lb Bag 5.00 lbs


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