Honey, Raspberry in a returnable glass jar

Our Raspberry Honey is light in color with a mild and delicate flavor. It has a slightly tart aftertaste.

Honey will naturally crystallize over time, which does not diminish the quality or flavor. If desired, you may heat gently in a warm water bath to liquefy.

Unfiltered and raw (not heated over 115˚F) our honey still contains traces of pollen and propolis, and has no additives.

Origin Skagit & Whatcom Counties, WA
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation
Available Not Available:
This product is seasonally out of stock. Please try one of our other specialty 1 lb honeys, like OR Meadowfoam- Item #B240.


Item # Package Size
B250 case of 12 x 1lb jars 12.00 pkgs

Availability Note: The package above is not currently available to order.


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