Oat Flour, Fairhaven Mills

Oat flour is a sticky, high-protein flour that is great for cookies. This naturally gluten-free flour is milled from oats in a non-certified gluten free facility, separate from the wheat processing facility.

Fairhaven sources wheat and oats primarily from a company in Montana that purchases oats from Montana growers when available. They purchase from Canadian growers as needed.

A message from the millers: "Our grains come from dedicated organic grain growers throughout the west. We then mill it in our small family-run mill, thus providing you with the very freshest, wholesome baking flours.

By milling only organically-grown grains, we are supporting healthy farmlands and a sustainable, ecologically-responsible agriculture. We support and encourage local farmers to grow as many of our grains as possible. We seek quality first, always.

Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill has always been committed to producing the highest quality Organic flours. We mill only 100% Certified Organic Non-GMO grains for all of our flours. Our facility produces only organic flour and nothing else. Our flour is whole grain with nothing added and nothing removed. There are no nuts milled at this facility."

Origin Washington
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Organic
Available Yes, Available to Order


Item # Package Size
FL165 20 lb bag 20.00 lbs


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