Emmer Flour, Camas County Mill

Our Organic Emmer Flour is stone-ground by Camas Country Mill in small batches to retain maximum freshness. The slow milling process does not heat the grain or the flour. These Emmer berries are grown on Huntons’ Farm in Junction City, Oregon.

What is Emmer Farro? Emmer is a highly nutritious heirloom grain that has been used in Europe for thousands of years. High in protein, low in gluten, Emmer wheat has a very simple structure, with 28 chromosomes as compared with over 200 chromosomes in modern wheat. Some people think that the human digestive system has evolved with Emmer, so we are genetically equipped to handle it better.

In the last 50 years, modern wheat has been hybridized over 1,000 times, not for nutritional value, but for ease of production, resistance to disease, and high gluten content (so we can make big fluffy breads and pastries). Some people with moderate gluten, wheat, or grain issues can tolerate Emmer well.

Farro is an Italian term for ancient grains. Emmer is considered the original farro which is why we refer to our Emmer as Emmer Farro.

Emmer flours’ sweet nutty flavor is a natural fit for pancakes & waffles. Serve with local fresh fruit & yogurt.

Origin Junction City, Oregon
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Organic
Available Not Available:
Out of stock indefinitely. Please enjoy OG Emmer Flour grown in Montana, Item #FL375.


Item # Package Size
FL175 25 lb bag 25.00 lbs

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FL176 4 lb bag 4.00 lbs

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