Lentil/Barley Soup Mix, Camas Country Mill

Camas Country Mill Lentil Barley Soup Mix blends delicious flavors and hearty texture with great nutritional values.

This soup mix is a combination of 2/3 Laird Green Lentils and 1/3 Tamalpais Hulless White Barley grown in Oregon on Huntons’ Farm and/or Agency Lake Farms, then hand-mixed and bagged at Camas Country Mill. A wonderfully hearty soup that cooks in about an hour.

Both Barley and Lentils are very high in protein, and Lentils are very high in B vitamins.

From Camas Country Mill:

“A perfect vegetarian whole protein base for soup, chili, or even taco filling. White hulless barley and local lentils make a nutritious and nourishing soup with great texture—creamy lentils and springy grain.”

Cooking Directions:

1 cup mix to 4 cups water and/or stock. Rinse and cook for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Thank you for supporting your local farmers, and enjoy!

Origin Junction City, Oregon
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Made in Oregon
Available Yes, Available to Order


Item # Package Size
L350 4 lb bag 1.00 pkg


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