Bean, Garbanzo

Grown on Hunton’s Farm in Junction City, Oregon, our Organic Garbanzo Beans have a phenomenal taste, far better than their canned cousins. Huntons’ Farm is a third generation family farm and one of the first traditional grass seed farms in Willamette Valley to transition acreage to grains and beans.

Huntons’ Farm is committed to exploring which grains and legumes grow well in the Willamette Valley. By investing in equipment to clean, mill and package regionally grown grains and beans, this third generation farm has thereby created an infrastructure to assist Oregon farmers to market their crops.

Also known as chickpeas, garbanzo beans have a firm texture and nutty flavor. Perhaps most familiar in the form of hummus, garbanzo beans are found in traditional cuisines throughout India, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean.

An excellent source of protein and fiber, garbanzos supply roughly 27 percent of daily protein and 50 percent of our fiber requirements in one cup. They are especially high in folate, manganese and iron.

Garbanzos are an ideal base for soups, stews, salads, and purees, and can also be ground into flour for non-gluten recipes.

To cook, soak overnight in just enough water to cover. Then rinse and add fresh water, bring to a boil, simmer until soft.

Origin Junction City, Oregon
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Locally Grown, Organic
Available Not Available:
This product is out of stock until the 2016 harvest this fall. Try our Local TR Garbanzo Beans, Item #L118, in the meantime!


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L117 25 lb bag 25.00 lbs

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