Lentil, Red Chief, Local product!

These Red Chief Lentils were grown transitionally on the Huntons' farm and distributed by Camas Country Mill.

Huntons' Farm experiments with a variety of grains and legumes each year to see which crops grow best on their land in the Willamette Valley. Considering the multitude of factors involved when planting a crop—including crop rotation, yield per acre, cost of cleaning, hardiness of the crop, ease of harvest—the farm decided not to plant these lentils for the 2014 harvest season.

Red Chief lentils are the standard variety of red lentil in the USA and Canada. They are usually decorticated (like Item #L160). These lentils were whole, meaning the skin was still on the lentil. Some of the lentils were red due to the skin coming off during the cleaning process (so a few of the lentils were actually decorticated by accident, not design).

Lentils are an excellnt source of magnesium, folate, soluble fiber, and iron. Of all legumes and nuts, lentils contain the third highest level of protein. 26 percent of lentils' calories are attributed to protein.

Cooking Directions: The most reliable way to cook perfectly tender lentils is to bring them to a rapid simmer, and then reduce the heat to low for the rest of cooking. You want to see just a few bubbles in the water and some gentle movement in the lentils. They will plump up nicely without splitting their skins or becoming mushy.

Origin Junction City, Oregon
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Transitional
Available Not Available:
This product wasn't planted by the farmer in 2014.


Item # Package Size
L162 25 lb bag 25.00 lbs

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