Bean, Black

Our Black Beans are grown on two family farms in Oregon depending on season and availability- one in Medford and the other in Milton-Freewater. They are a variety called Eclipse. As these beans are smaller than typical black beans, they take less time to cook.

A one-cup serving of black beans has about 15 grams of protein (equivalent to the amount in 2 ounces of chicken or salmon) and 15 grams of fiber. Black beans are a good source of copper, manganese, vitamin B1, phosphorus, protein, magnesium, and iron.

A favorite in South and Central American, Caribbean, and American Southwest cuisine, black turtle beans have a mild, sweet, earthy flavor that combine well with assertive seasonings like chili peppers and cumin. Ideal in spicy soups, stews, enchiladas, tortillas, and casseroles.

To cook the beans, soak beans overnight, then rinse, add three cups of fresh water or unsalted broth for each cup of dried beans. (The liquid should be about one to two inches above the top of the beans.) Bring the beans to a boil and then reduce to a simmer, partially covering the pot. If any foam develops, skim it off during the simmering process. Check for softness after 20 minutes.

Origin Milton-Freewater, Oregon
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Made in Oregon, Organic
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