Royal Jelly, Pollen Man

Royal Jelly is the substance that allows a simple honeybee with a life span of roughly forty days to transform into a mighty Queen Bee with a life projection of five years!

Our 100% Pure Royal Jelly from The Pollen Man is unprocessed and all natural. It is harvested at the optimal time and carefully kept in light and climate controlled conditions, so as not to damage or reduce the effectiveness of this delicate substance.

The Pollen Man keeps his hives in Canada on two different “bee-farms” where the bees can collect their pollen from pristine forests and wildflower-covered meadows. Due to the protective northern climate, he is able to treat his hives for mites effectively with onion water in the winter and garlic water during the spring, thereby eliminating the need for miticide strips.

Origin Canada
Raw Yes
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B157 1 ounce jar 1.00 oz

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