Propolis Tincture, 65% pure, Pollen Man

Propolis is a sticky substance collected from the leaf buds of trees which secrete it to protect and promote new growth. The bees use it to seal and protect the hive from bacterial contamination.

Propolis is high in vitamins, bio-flavonoids and is a natural antibiotic.

The Pollen Man provides propolis in tincture form produced from White Poplar because these trees are known to produce propolis with the highest concentration of natural antibiotic.

From Pollen Man: “Away from the tree, propolis hardens, so we have to soak it in alcohol to create a form useable for humans. Our propolis is 65% pure propolis and 35% 10 Grain Alcohol.”

Origin Canada
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation
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B155 0.5 oz 1.00 pkg

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